Business Software Systems

Design chartAs part of a full business solution it is often necessary to have other software applications over and above your public facing web site. These applications are often used internally within your organisation to streamline your operational processes and include things like Customer Relation Management solutions (CRM) and in-house data efficiency and management solutions.

PeppaCode offers a software development service to cater for these additional requirements. We can help you develop Windows graphical user interface programs for computers or server based database applications that can be used for control and management of your systems in a networked or stand-alone environment.

Using standard development tools we are able to build a rich and broad range of graphical applications for you. We will work with you to understand your requirements and then come up with the best solution. We can integrate these applications with your web site if required to provide a complete, efficient software solution for your business.

Code extractOur aim is to provide you with a solution which will make your life easier and add value to your business.

Contact PeppaCode to see how we can provide a complete solution for your organisation.