wwwAs part of setting up your new web site or business solution you also need to consider some important technical aspects.

You will need a domain name for your site so that people can type that name into their browser and access your web site.

You also need to work out where you “host” your site. This is the server that your web site files are located on and is where they are retrieved from when someone types your domain name into their browser.

Generally most people use third-party hosting providers as it is the most cost effective solution for small businesses and organisations, reducing the need for expensive IT setup costs within your business.

These technical aspects can be difficult to manage when you are setting your web site up for the first time.

PeppaCode offers Domain Name registration and Web Hosting services to our clients. We can analyse your needs, determine the most suitable hosting package from those that we offer based on your site requirements and budget and then do all of the file transfer and administration to get you started.

Computer installersPeppaCode can also take care of the domain name registration once you have chosen the name for your site.

Visit our specialised Domain Name and Hosting site today to get started and check the availability of the domain name you plan to register.

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