One-on-one trainingLike any new technology, an important part of deploying it is the training that is required to make efficient use of it.

With PeppaCode’s solutions we offer a number of training styles which can be tailored to suit your organisation.

For small businesses and organisations we can provide one-to-one training for the business proprietor showing them how to use the new solution we have provided.

For larger businesses or organisations with a number of staff we can provide group training across one or more sessions to ensure that all relevant staff are trained in the latest technology.

As part of all solutions we offer screen cast training videos as well. These are computer recorded videos showing each relevant screen for your solution along with a voice-over from one of our trainers showing you the appropriate mouse movements and data entry fields. These are invaluable resources that once recorded can be used over and over again by any staff member as either a refresher or an introduction if they haven’t done this before.

Training groupThe training we provide for your new solution is what is right for you. We will discuss these requirements and make sure that you are comfortable with the solution at the end of the training.

Contact PeppaCode to discuss how we can incorporate training for your new technology into the solutions that we provide.