Shopping cartAs the Internet matures, more businesses are finding that not only can they sell products through traditional retail outlets but they can also sell them online and take advantage of the much wider customer community.

PeppaCode can incorporate e-Commerce into your business site with a shopping cart to allow customers to view and select your products as well as providing an interface to one or more payment gateways to allow online payments to be accepted using methods such as credit card or PayPal.

PeppaCode can give you a choice of a shopping cart application that will suit your business requirements and the type of products that you sell. This can either be a stand-alone dedicated shopping site or one that is integrated into a new or existing website.

User with credit card We also take care of setting up the technical aspects of the payment gateway interface.

You may be surprised at the return your business can get by the relatively small investment in adding e-Commerce!

If you feel that you can expand your sales by selling your products online then contact PeppaCode to discuss the addition of an e-Commerce solution for your business.