Privacy Policy

PeppaCode treats our clients privacy seriously.

Any contact information submitted through our contact form is held in the strictest confidence and will only be used for contacting you to discuss matters relating to website, app or software development or related solutions. It will not be used for any other purpose and will not be onsold or provided to third parties unless ordered to do so for legal reasons.

All discussions held regarding a clients website are treated as in-confidence and will not be discussed in any specific form with any other PeppaCode clients to avoid commercially sensitive business issues arising. All content and images used within a clients website remain the property of the client and will not be shared with other clients without express permission.

PeppaCode shall seek a clients permission before using any website designed by us for sales reference purposes other than websites of a general nature which are already publically available. For example, a website that a customer agrees to have a “Designed by PeppaCode” stamp is deemed to be publically available and can be used as a reference site. No content or design information relating to the client shall be shared however.

To access any information PeppaCode holds on your company or enquire about this policy then please contact PeppaCode.