Terms and Conditions

All content (images, text and any other material used in a website, app or software program) is subject to copyright. A client who provides such content to PeppaCode for inclusion in their website, app or software program shall indemnify PeppaCode of any copyright violations that may have occurred. Where possible PeppaCode shall notify the client if a copyright violation is likely however this may not always be feasible and PeppaCode shall not be held liable for this.

All website design, app and software program solutions remain the property of PeppaCode Pty Ltd until invoiced payment has been made in full, at which point the client then assumes ownership of the material.

PeppaCode shall not be held liable for any losses occurred due to unavailability of a client’s website, app or software program for any reason, including software error, domain or web hosting problems. PeppaCode will however work with you to resolve the issue as soon as practically possible.

Please contact PeppaCode to clarify any of these terms and conditions if you feel they are not appropriate for your project.