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PeppaCode’s website design solutions are suitable for small to medium size businesses or organisations that are either just starting out or are moving to the next stage in their online technology. See the types of solutions that we provide as one will be best suited to your business.

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Small/Medium Business Solutions

PeppaCode offers a complete online solution for small/medium businesses starting out online, covering everything from a basic presence on the internet right through to a system to for clients who need the ability to update their website information on a regular basis.

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Customised Solutions

Customised solutions are for clients who need a tailored solution to match their specific requirements. PeppaCode will develop a solution to suit your needs, adding new functionality to your web site through the use of custom plugins and modules for your site.

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The Internet has changed the way businesses trade. PeppaCode can move your business into the online world by developing an e-Commerce solution to suit your business needs and integrate it into your website solution.



Learn more about the technologies and content management systems that power the PeppaCode website solutions.