Small/Medium Business Websites

Small Business MechanicEvery business owner wants to build their business. No matter what kind of business you have, there are going to be costs involved in running it and bringing in clients. Costs can balloon as you acquire new equipment and systems to keep your business running or get it off the ground for a start-up.

This is why PeppaCode offers a full range of website solutions to suit your business, from a great low cost starter website to provide a simple internet presence right through to a large scale website in which you can update content to suit your changing business needs and deliver a clear message to motivates customers to take action.

PeppaCode understands how your website will be an important part of your business identity. We will work with your current logos and colour schemes to incorporate them into your web site design. If you don’t have a logo or colour scheme yet then don’t worry, PeppaCode can design them for you. The type of information you want to put in your web site and the investment you want to make is up to you!

PeppaCode’s websites are designed for clients to add, update or remove information from their website frequently. Examples of this may include adding news items to your web site to notify customers of your latest offers, updating an events calendar or adding the latest photographs to a site.

Using Content Management Systems (or CMS for short) PeppaCode builds and tailors a solution that is just right for your business. CMS sites range from informal Blog and Wiki styles used to pass on information to general users right through to corporate web sites that have large databases of information to store for their site.

PeppaCode specialises in the open source CMS technologies called WordPress and Drupal. Depending on your requirement we will recommend and work with the right CMS for you. Once a CMS has been chosen, we will customise it to make the site have your own look and feel, then set up the structure for displaying your information in the best possible way.

Small Business RestaurantOn completion PeppaCode will provide training on how to update the information on your site using the CMS tools. Alternatively you can take advantage of the PeppaCode Site Management and Support service to assist you and free you up to run your business.

Contact PeppaCode to find out more about our website solutions for small and medium businesses and how they could transform the way that you do business and communicate with your customers.