PeppaCode uses industry standard and freely available open source technologies for the website solutions we provide. Open source technologies provides a large development and user base for the software, ensuring that functional and security issues have been addressed by the time the software is used in your solution.

And best of all, these are open source, which means any developer can see how the website works so you aren’t locked into a single developer for ever as you are with some proprietary CMS.

See below for a brief overview of some of the technologies we use and why we choose them for our solutions. Click on the icon to go to the site for the CMS and find out even more information.

Wordpress logo


WordPress is today’s most common and widely deployed open source Content Management System. It was developed as a blogging platform and is particularly well suited to that application. It can also be used to display a more traditional page based web site. WordPress is based on a scripting language called PHP and a database engine such as MySQL. For most small business website solutions we choose WordPress because of its widely supported theme, plugin and tutorial base.

Drupal logo


Drupal is a full featured and highly customisable open source Content Management System. It is also based on the PHP scripting language and a database engine such as MySQL. We use Drupal for customised solutions that require a large degree of flexibility and specific tailoring to strict requirements.